Saturday, January 20, 2007

arkadasim seytan/ devil, my friend

Arkadaşım Şeytan /Devil, My Friend (1988)
Yönetmen/Director:Atıf Yılmaz
Senaryo/Script: Ümit Ünal

Fatih: Mazhar Alanson
Seytan/The Devil: Ali Poyrazoglu

plot summary:"Fatih (Alanson) is a struggling musician whose efforts did not pay. One night disappointed, he talks to his "Plastic Sweetheart" a realistic-looking mannequin in a shop window (Ozdemiroglu) that, "he could even sell his soul to the Devil for fame"...and then he sees the Devil himself (Poyrazoglu). They make a deal that Faith, will sell his soul to the Devil and the Devil will strike him to fame, using the record executives, venue owners and commercial executives whom he had their souls. However the times had changed, and the human had proved to be more evil and smarter than the Devil himself." (*)


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