Wednesday, January 10, 2007

it's burning...

Gokcen Cabadan, Burning Ikea,
Pastel and acrylic on paper, 70x100cm, 2006

"Burning Ikea, is made from an image of interieur design magazine. It was just about the feeling which ikea is trying to commonly communicate. ( Which I like too ) The message of Ikea is "Ideal organized life will be posibble and easier by Ikea furniture" and the happy life will be posibble for consumption by society. I tried imagine the perfect interieur, burning out by a fire. Then an idea of good life when you lose your interieur would not be posibble." G.Cabadan


PaintingThe Burning of the Parliament Building in Montreal
Joseph Légaré (attribué à / attributed to)
About 1849, 19th century
Oil on wood38.2 x 50.3 cm
Gift of Dr. W. D. Lighthall and Mr. Hugh Mackay
M11588© McCord Museum

Keys to history:
The burning of the Parliament Building in Montreal in 1849 can be seen as a turning point in the history of Canada, one that led to Confederation. Violence, the annexation movement, the hostility between French and English over the Rebellion Losses Bill, and the lingering bitterness over Durham's Report would challenge Canada's political leaders to find new solutions that might allow for regional, ethnic and religious differences while facilitating the development of an industrial and transcontinental nation.


Turner, Joseph Mallord William
The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons,
16th October, 1834_1835
Oil on canvas92 x 123 cm
Philadelphia Museum of Art

"Turner outgrew theatrical extravagance but the essential sublimity of the forces that hold man in their grip remained with him always. There is a sense of it in the all-embracing flood of light that envelops a scene, and the spectator too. The last subjects of storm and catastrophe make visible a dream of peril and endurance that is full of heroic exaltation. The elemental drama that Turner painted was both real and imaginary. "

From "Tate Gallery: An Illustrated Companion", by Simon Wilson


Guy Fawkes night at Exeter Cathedral

lets go to the

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