Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hope is a good thing / Umut güzel şey

Our goal is to interchange the “übermensch/ superhero/ didactic/ awesome artist” expectations with artists, whose dwell beyond the boundaries of an artist notion squeezed in between a manufacture process totally depended to global artwork evaluation systems. Our aim is to re-read/interpret the existence of the artist as a human- person with manual free art pieces, or to represent them for alternative interpretations.

Under the illumination of these factors, exhibition stands fort as the possibility of facing against repetition of the artist in the hybrid spaces and her imprisonment in only one piece of art or the other plurality of spaces. By these means, exhibition, which put the concept of “hope” under the spotlights, gains its momentum with the prospect to open a new range to focus for the spectators.

The core purpose in here is, by using the range opened trough this exhibition, to interrupt usual theoretical/ academic/doctrinaire identification on work of art; accomplishing this without directing the viewer to only one piece, which is isolated from every other connections. Our goal is to make us reconsider the “artists’ condition” and call the spectator in to homeland of artist and his/her creations.

Asli Cavusoglu – Borga Kanturk – 2006

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